4 Gorgeous Spring Color Palettes for This Year!

If it’s time to start planning your spring wedding, one of the first things you’ll want to figure out is your wedding color palette. There are so many different choices available that it can be hard to decide. Here are four color palettes that I love that can be options for your special day. 
Purples & Greens
Purple is a stunning color reminiscent of royalty and it works well for virtually every season, including spring. The pairing of purple with green gives it an earthy depth that makes the color standout. This couple used a muted purple and really played up different textures in their wedding décor. The result is absolutely beautiful.
From UYWeddings
Hot Pink
If you’ve never considered this as a wedding color, think again. It’s simply stunning when paired with creams and lighter pink colors. It stands out well and there are a variety of ways to bring this color into the décor, and even into the flowers and apparel. PINK is definitely in! 
From Bridal Weddings Blog
Shades of Teal and Pink
Teal and pink are a pair destined to be together! You can even use shades of green, as this couple did with jade and sea foam. Pink and teal contrast very well and the overall look is very reminiscent of spring.
Shades of Grey & Yellow
This is one of my favorite colors schemes because of the stark contrast between the muted grey and the brilliant yellows. With accessory choices, and special touches, the yellow provides a bride and a planner so much to work with. This is definitely a color palette for a non-traditional bride.
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