Planning Your Wedding During COVID-19: A Planner’s Thoughts

I have sat on writing about this topic since the pandemic started, but with a vaccine on the horizon and 2021 just around the corner. Let’s talk about it. Wedding Planning during the COVID-19 Pandemic (ugh!).

You are newly engaged to the love of your life, have a beautiful new ring to show off and are ready to start your lives together. You should be excited, over the moon and running out to buy all the bridal magazines and scouring wedding blogs looking for inspiration. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has left so many of our brides and wedding vendors in a very uncertain situation. We are all in a tough position as we navigate state mandates, guest count limits, taking health seriously and fear of the unknown. I actually was in a very dark place when it came to wedding planning as we faced numerous reschedules and cancellations as a result of the pandemic.

We have all been in a grieving process as we wrap our minds around all the ways the pandemic has impacted the world of weddings. You may also feel sadness and bitterness that you are having to share what should be the happiest time in your life with COVID-19. We get it. We really get it.

I am one to keep it all the way real, so let’s talk about where we go from here. Through the reschedules, elopements, and cancellations, I came to the conclusion that this too shall pass. We WILL get back to celebrating love with more than 25 people, we will hug each other again, flood dance floors, and make wedding day memories. If you are newly engaged, your wedding planning journey does not have to stop. We know the importance of your wedding day and you are in our hearts daily as we know how difficult all of this is. If you have decided to bravely forge on with wedding planning, let’s chat!

Wedding Planning doesn’t quite look the same anymore and we are embracing the power of technology to get the job done. We also are stressing to our couples the importance of accepting that wedding planning in 2021 will still be impacted and they should be prepared for the ride and balance dreams with reality. Here are some tips on what I recommend for any couple looking to plan their wedding in 2021-2022.

  1. Collect Your Inspiration. With all of the time at home and stay at home orders, you have plenty of time to surf wedding blogs, Pinterest, and read wedding magazines. Use this time to refine your wedding style and indulge in the beautiful world of weddings. When you are ready, turn those inspirations over to your wedding planning team and allow them to bring your vision to life.
  2. Create a realistic guest list with consideration to state mandates and COVID-19 restrictions. This has been a painful one for most of our brides as we want the wedding surrounded by all of our family and friends. It is heartbreaking to have to put cap on your list or decide to have a more intimate affair. With that said, let the mandates be your guide. Things are changing rapidly and times are uncertain. I recommend you create a realistic guest list 25-50 guests indoors and 100 outdoors weddings. Then have another list of guests you would love to add if mandates look different 3 months out from your date. The positive side to having more intimate affairs is that you can really afford to splurge on your guests and take their experience to another level.
  3. Be prepared for virtual meetings and phone calls. Just like couples, wedding vendors are having to prioritize their health and safety as they continue to plan and sign-on to weddings. Virtual meetings and phone calls are the lay of the lands these days, but the nice thing is that your fiancee and family members can also participate and it may make for a more inclusive wedding planning process.
  4. Book your big ticket vendors as planned, hold off on ordering special items until you get closer to your date. I know it may feel like you should wait to see what will happen, make sure you get your big ticket vendors (photographer, videographer, caterer, rentals, florist, DJ/Band). These vendors are still booking and their calendars fill up quickly. So don’t miss out, waiting to see what will happen with the pandemic. If things change, contracts can be revisited and dates adjusted, but at least you have them committed to your event.

Grace and flexibility is needed right about now and if you can wrap your mind around what that will look like, you will be fine! Just know that you WILL get married, it WILL be amazing, and it WILL be worth it. We been apart of some AWESOME weddings in 2020 despite the pandemic and are so excited what we are cooking up for our couples in 2021. Keep the faith as this will not last and COVID-19 will one day be a distant memory.


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