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April 18, 2017

Top Reasons You Need A Wedding Planner

Time is Money

Most people have no idea how much time it takes to plan a wedding. Would you believe that the average wedding takes more than 250 hours to plan? That’s a lot of work! And most people simply don’t have that kind of time. That’s what wedding planners are for. My team and I take on the burden of that work so you don’t have to. We both know you have better things to do than negotiate with vendors all day!

Your Budget Matters

Of course, there are other advantages than just giving you back your free time. Because of our extensive experience with local vendors, we’re able to choose which vendors would be best for your style and your budget. In fact, sometimes we are able to even negotiate a better rate than you might otherwise get! When that isn’t possible, we work with you to choose the best vendor for your budget.

You Shouldn’t be the Ref

Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life, but the time leading up to it can be very stressful! A wedding brings two families together and that can get complicated. Everyone has different ideas, and it can get confusing. That’s where we come in. You might need a buffer, someone to present ideas as an unbiased and well-intended third party. Often that is exactly what you need to prevent an argument. When I am present, both through the planning process and on the wedding day, responsibilities/ burdens are lifted from your family. That means they can simply be guests and enjoy the moment.

Or the Point of Contact

On average, a single wedding has over 22 different vendors. Add in your wedding party and all the guests, and you’ll have countless people to coordinate, instruct, and answer questions for. I will act as your sole “go-to” girl, relieving you of policing pressures. From the very beginning or on your special day, you’ll be left to bask in the moment, while I handle the fuss and chaos.

You Can’t Control Chaos

Speaking of chaos – you can’t control it. But I can! I can take control when something goes wrong (and something always goes wrong) and get it taken care of before you even hear about it. Instead of dealing with the headache of a late floral delivery or a rogue aunt, you should be focusing on your new life as a Mrs. I’ll handle the chaos.

You are the Boss

You and your fiancé, that is. Not the caterer, the venue, or the floral designer. I make sure it stays that way. I will know your dreams and vision, using it as a guide for all elements coming together. I will know what you mean when you say vintage. Some brides mean shabby chic, some mean rustic – I’ll know exactly what you mean, and make sure your vendors know too. Your vision is what matters, and it is what we will focus on.

You Need a Cheerleader

I eat, sleep and breathe weddings. It isn’t just my job; it makes me tick. It’s a deep routed passion. And unlike your friends and family, as your wedding planner, I will be eager to talk wedding 24/7. No need to bore them with details or become the annoying friend who only talks about her wedding. I know how exciting this time is and I completely understand; you’ve been dreaming of this day forever and I thrive on wedding banter.

And a Sounding Board

I’ll say it: I simply know what works and what doesn’t. My knowledge of wedding etiquette is unmatched and I have personal experience to back it. Whether it’s to offer advice, help sort through your ideas or provide a fabulous alternative, I will act as your encyclopedia. I have your answers and know precisely how to get you gracefully, from point A to point B.

And an Administrative Assistant

Every production has an administrator and let’s face it, weddings are a production. From creating schedules and timelines to budgets, itineraries, and floor plans, I will handle the paperwork. I excel at making it happen, on time, and with every person in order. I will ensure all parties are informed and kept in the loop throughout your entire planning process. Of course, I will keep you on schedule with reminders, updates and frequent check-ins too! Basically, I’ll be you and your wedding’s personal administrative assistant.

You are the Bride.

And that’s all you should be on your wedding weekend. From orchestrating the rehearsal to the end of your reception, I will be there to oversee and handle every detail. You won’t have to worry about the little things like giving out boutonnieres, instructing musical cues, and ensuring the vegan gets her proper dish! You won’t have to worry about a thing except enjoying your day!

That’s Why You Need a Wedding Planner.

Speak with any past bride, who gave herself the gift of a wedding planner and you’ll hear a resounding theme: they were able to fully relax on their day, enjoy the moment and maximize their fun. Whether you need a planner to help you every step of the way or simply the weekend of your wedding, you do need someone to be there for you. Having a planner allows you to be present at your own affair, acting as a guest, rather than a host. And in my humble opinion, this is the single greatest blessing in disguise!

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